WD Digital Properties

Digital Strategies for Television & Film.

About Us.

At WD Digital Properties, we create and manage digital campaigns and assets for television and film. We work with entertainment companies - from the earliest phases of pre-production into the home entertainment window - to provide a full spectrum of creative, digital services.

WD Digital Properties is:

digital asset management, emerging media and new technology platforms, digital advertising and social media campaigns, internet public relations, analytics and reporting. 

Digital Asset Management

Digital Branding, Domain Name Hosting, Image Watermarking, and Encryption Technology - to keep your digital assets uniform, organized and secure.

Digital Media Campaigns

Adaptive Websites, Social Creative, Banner Advertising, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mobile Apps - to help your titles reach the largest possible audience.

Social Media Strategies

Social campaigns, Social Ads, Multi-Platform Posting, Creative and Engagement Tactics, 6 Second Loops, Alternate Reality Games - to keep people talking. 

Internet PR Strategies

Optimized Press, Content Amplification, Thought Leadership, Reputation Management, Press Interviews - to create a strong relationship with your audience. 

Analytics Tracking & Reporting

Real-Time Reporting, Weekly Reports, Post-Campaign Analysis, Social Conversation Tracking - to compile an overall look at the "digital buzz" landscape.


We develop custom EST delivery platforms where top films are finding traction and changing the way people consume entertainment.

WD Digital Propterties Does:

day-to-day creative, engagement tactics, social conversation analysis, weekly reporting, cross-marketing, ad hoc analysis, post-campaign analysis.


Ensuring the accurate launch of media units - across the board - moving the needle on internal KPIs.

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